Good Morning Sunshine

Anyone who knows me or has ever interacted with me in the morning could probably corroborate one fact about me.  I am not a morning […]

Moss covered rocks in the morning in front of a fishing hut and blue boat, reflecting in the calm waters at sunrise in Prospect, Nova Scotia.

Follow Through

It’s easy to say something, it’s the follow through that’s generally the tough part.  I guess that’s why something like 8% of people actually keep […]

Car light trails stream past a mural from a long exposure at night on Barrington street in downtown, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Go Forward Plan

Hi… Hello… Is this on??  It’s been awhile, way too long.  Here we are, January 2nd, 2017.  I’m not really particularly big on the New […]

Raindrops falling on a water puddle in front of Peggys Point Lighthouse at sunset in Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia.

Old Car City, Part II

I really had such fun and a great time photographing at Old Car City, that I had some trouble narrowing down the images to just […]

Sunlight and shadows across a rusting old car

Old Car City USA

A few years ago, I was watching some Bill Fortney landscape photography classes on Kelbyone and stumbled upon this one on Old Car City USA.  As someone […]

Old Car City-1

The Dingle

Sir Sandford Flemming was an engineer, surveyor, creator of Canada’s first postage stamp, and notably, the person responsible for the creation of Standard Time.  Upon retirement […]

Dingle Tower

The Rough Patches

I read an article by Nicole S. Young this week about “The Guilty Photographer“, discussing how the creative process has its ups and downs; how sometimes you just […]

Sundown in Lawrencetown

Image Theft

I stole this image.  I didn’t literally steal it, but I did steal the idea behind it.  Is it image theft?  Idea theft?  Inspiration?  I […]

Warp Speed