Reverse Lens Macro

While I just launched the website, ideas have actually been brewing around in my head for a while.  Back in the summer, when visiting my parents, with their flowers all still in bloom,  I thought the opportunity was ripe to try out a technique that I had first learned from Glenn, a photographer buddy of mine.  He makes these fantastic macro images, but instead of using a dedicated macro lens, he uses a technique called a Reverse Lens Macro where he takes his 50mm prime lens and actually flips it around, mounting it in reverse on his camera.

Now, if the idea of taking your lens off and mounting it backwards of your camera sounds scary.  Glenn actually takes it further and does something else called freelensing, where, rather than physically mounting the lens on the camera using a reverse ring adapter, he just holds it out front of the camera itself.

So, bringing it back to the “trying new things” mantra, I figured this was taking me pretty far out of my element.  Once the initial terror of holding up my camera and lens as two distinctly different parts wore off a bit, it was a pretty fun experience.  The resultant images were unlike any that have really ever come out of my camera.  There are some obvious sharpness issues, but overall, for a first attempt, I’m fairly pleased with the effort.

This is the first post where I’ve felt that I should probably put some sort of disclaimer on.  I’d encourage trying this, but I would be mindful of when and where, a windy day at the beach probably falling under the not-advised category.

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  1. al m

    love this image I just talked to Glenn at the last meeting and he advised me I could do it with my kit 35-55 lens tried it and I can need more practice with it but it may save me a few bucks for now. great site also like the one of the bridge and shooting stars. will check back for updates

  2. Mike

    I think you should try it Al! It really seems pretty foreign when you first try it, but you can get some interesting results. I found myself a little shaky holding things up with two hands, so I could see why people for for the reversing adapter to actually hold it into place.

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