Nova Scotia Landscape Photographer – Mike Donahue

About pages are hard…. I think this is the part where I’m supposed to refer to myself in the third person.  To talk about my passion.  Or maybe tell a story of how, as a young boy, I was handed down a camera, igniting the love affair with photography.

The reality is, I’m struggling though this whole process, just like everyone else.  Trying to make something interesting, intriguing, or maybe even arresting.  Sometimes I’m successful, often I’m not.  This is a chronicle of the journey.

Based out of Dartmouth/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  If you were to really press me on it, I’d call myself a landscape photographer.  I often take the scenic routes, drive down random roads and generally lose all track of time.  I love exploring diverse landscape of Nova Scotia and all of Atlantic Canada, trying to capture its beauty.

Photo Credit: Tim Lingley (

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